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Vest: C/O Luxe Protocol

Toursers: C/O Luxe Protocol

Sunnies: Bornmajestic

Clutch: Bornmajestic

Shoes: Aldo (similar)



As a millennial, I don't limit myself to the constraints of traditional office wear. Long gone are the days of being stuck in a professional blazer and suit. There are so many cute work options that allow you to maintain your professionalism, while maintaining your personal style. Luxe protocol is one of my favorite online destinations for feminine, on-trend work wear. Luxe Protocol has so many cute options that are appropriate for the corporate office, yet cute enough to transition into after hours activities. My sleeveless vest and wide leg trousers are perfect for work and cute enough for play after work. With this outfit on, my whole stride changed and I strutted around like a boss all day! I'm a firm believer that you should always put your best foot forward and be about your business because it never goes out of style!

Charlotte: My Queen City

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Earrings: Bornmajestic

Blouse: H&M

Sunnies: Derria's Closet

Clutch: Bornmajestic

Jeans: H&M


I'm a North Carolina girl! I was born in Durham, raised in Creedmoor and eventually moved to Charlotte to attend college (Go 49ers!). Charlotte has been my home since 2004, and I LOVE my city because of all the great things it has to offer. Charlotte has great food (which is how I ended up here in the first place), great shopping, great sports teams, great seasonal weather, and great people. I compiled a list of some of my favorite places to go for food, fashion and fun to share with you!

Favorite Part of Town: Uptown (What the locals call downtown)

Favorite Brunch Spot: Toast

 Coolest 24 Hour Hangout: Amelie's French Bakery

Favorite Consignment Store: Buffalo Exchange

Amazing Church with locations all over the city: Elevation

Favorite Mexican Food: Cabo Fish Taco

Cute Women's Clothes: Ivy & Leo

Amazing Park with Uptown Views: Romare Bearden Park

Favorite Boutique: Five13Studio

Favorite Ice Cream: Golden Cow

 Casual Spot for Dining & Coffee: 7th Street Market

Food that taste like your momma cooked it: Pike's Soda Shop

Amazing Thai Food: Basil

Great Outdoors Adventure: Crowder's Mountain

Best Massage Studio: Zen Massage

Restaurant/Bar with Coolest View: Fahrenheit

Best Popcorn: Popcorn Heaven

What are your favorite things to do in the Queen City?


I Like My Coffee Black

Visit  www.tatianacamice.com and use promo code: Majestic for 15% off your order.

 I drink coffee and tea on the daily, so having a collection of cute coffee mugs is a must for me. I usually start my day with a vanilla, almond milk latte. Midday, I'll usually have a matcha green tea latte. At night, I try to wind down by ending my day with a non-caffeinated mint tea. Over the past few years, I've built a stylish collection of coffee mugs that I'm very proud of, and I must say that my new BLACK mug featuring watercolor art by artist Tatiana Camice is one of my favorites! Tatiana's illustrations are so full of life and #blackgirlmagic.  Her work can be purchased through her collection ranging from coffee mugs to portraits.

Tatiana wanted to show my readers some love by offering a discount! 

Visit  www.tatianacamice.com and use promo code: Majestic for 15% off your order.








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Travel Diary: Blue Ridge Mountains

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Top: H&M

Shorts: One above Another

Slides: River Island

This weekend, I celebrated my good friend Omar's 30th birthday in the Blue Ridge Mountains located in Mineral Bluff, Georgia. This birthday getaway was coachella themed, or as Omar called it, #Ochella themed! It was such a fun vacay weekend for myself, my husband George and some good friends. We stayed in a gorgeous 3-story lodge that had the most breathtaking views. We cooked smores over a firepit, played pool volleyball, did outdoor activities, and laughed all weekend.

During this trip, I conquered a huge fear; I went white water rafting! We planned to go as a group, and I almost talked myself out of going because of fear! I was sooooo scared to try it because I can't swim, and I feared getting thrown out of the raft and drowning (dramatic ending right?). Guess what? Thanks to my life vest, I survived the experience and had a blast. Facing this fear taught me a mini life lesson. In life, we often fear horrible outcomes, and 99% of the time, the dreaded outcome that we fear never happens. Facing this fear freed me and allowed me to enjoy the experience.  

Have you ever missed out on any experiences in life because of fear?


My favorite part of the trip, was the coachella fashion theme. If you are familiar with coachella style also known as "festival wear", you know the trend is all about flower crowns, crop tops, fringe, distressed denim and casual comfort. I incorporated blinged out pearls into my coachella themed look. I ordered my pearl detailed shorts and slides from ASOS, and I'm so in love with the completed look.

Bonus: White Water Rafting Pic.

3 Fabulous Fashion Tips for Petite Women


The term “petite” refers to us women who are 5’4 and under. I fall into this category because I am a fierce 4’11 and 3/4ths…yes, every quarter inch counts (lol). Although, I wrote this post to help out my fellow petite sistas, these styling tips are helpful for anyone who wants to be mindful of proportions and overall fit. Here are three tips that I’ve learned over the years that have helped me pick the right looks for my height.

  1. Get Alterations: Get a tailor to customize your proportions and length appropriately. Even petite cut clothing can have an improper fit depending on your shape and size. When I purchased the jumpsuit featured in todays post, it was way too long for me, but I still purchased it anyway, because it was way too cute to pass up over length.  I took it to a tailor who adjusted my shoulder straps and hemmed my pant legs, and viola, a perfectly fitted jumpsuit. Don’t miss out on great jumpsuits and maxi dresses just because they are too long.

  2. Go Long with Vertical Lines: Stripes elongate your silhouette. This jumpsuit makes me look way taller than I actually am because vertical lines have a lengthening effect. If you are petite, opt to wear striped blouses, striped dresses, jumpsuits and pants to look leaner and taller.

  3. Shop Brands That Carry Petite Fits: Shopping for the right fit is important. Petite clothes not only comes in a shorter length, but it also has shorter sleeves and torso. Asos, Missguided, Express, Banana Republic, Loft, and Topshop are some of my favorite stores that carry on trend petite clothing. Also, most department stores like JC Penney, Macy’s and Nordstrom have specialized departments designated for petites.

If you are petite like me, share some helpful pointers that you’ve learned to elongate your style?

Shop some of my favorite petite friendly looks below!


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Sunglasses: H&M

Jumpsuit: Lucy Stone Boutique

The Reasons I Love Handwritten Notes


As a millennial, I often communicate through text messaging, emailing or posting a comment on social media. These methods of communication are quick and convenient, requiring very little time or thought. Although I'm a fan of sending messages electronically, sometimes, the gesture of taking time to write out a message comes off more personal and thoughtful. Call me old fashion, but in my opinion, handwritten notes will always be ladylike, stylish and timeless. With so many stationary options available, custom notecards are a cute and creative way to showcase your personal style and taste. When I see pretty stationary collections, I often purchase them right away, even if there is no immediate need, because there will always be a time to utilize them later. I've built up a collection of cards with cute designs to send out for gratitude, congrats or just thinking of you moments. I don't know about you, but my calendar these days has been booked with bridal showers, weddings and birthdays, so having cards in stock comes in handy.

I truly value handwritten notes and cards. Since I was a kid, I have kept every note, letter and birthday card that was given to me tucked away in a keepsafe box. I lost many of these notes when my family's house burnt down in 2012, but to this date, every note that I received after this incident, I have kept as keepsakes. Some of the most informal notes have been my favorite. For example, my husband George often writes me sweet messages on post it notes, and I've kept every one.

So you may ask, why is a handwritten note so important? In a digital world, discovering a hand-written note is such a refreshing surprise; especially in the mail, because most people only get bills or mailers. Think of it as a simple act of kindness that goes a long way.

Most people don’t write handwritten notes because they don't have stationary that reflect their personality. I'm here to save the day and introduce you to an amazing stationary collection from Shesinthemood.com.  I fell in love with this stationary collection because it's full of #blackgrimagic and girly girl favorites.  I loved this collection so much, that I reached out to the owner Cheryse to hook up my readers with a promotional discount!

She's in the mood is now offering Bornmajestic readers 15% off by using Promo Code: Bornmajestic.



the 3 c's that contributed to my sucess as a blogger

Happy Wednesday!

I have some super exciting news to share! Charming Charlie has asked me to team up with them to collaborate as a new brand ambassador. This opportunity is so major to me because one of my personal goals for this year is to work with more major brands. In the past, I've been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with major brands like Belk, Carol's Daughter, Banana Republic, Maybelline, and now Charming Charlie is added to the list. Working with brands is hard work, but it pays off because it increases your reach & influence while allowing your readers to benefit from extra perks and discounts.

 Blogging may look glamorous, but it is such hard work. I work full time, I run my own boutique business, and I try to be a good wife while managing my blog and brand commitments. I only have 24 hours in a day just like you, so I often have to be creative and consistent to make it all happen. Let's take this blog post for example. I shot this look on a workday after work around 7pm. I asked my husband George to rush and shoot my outfit before the sun started to set. We literally shot this look in 5-minutes because after work, we had a social gathering to attend. I was tired after a long day of work, I had no glam squad, so I just had to make it happen and give you all of me with flaws and all! 

Growing your blog, brand or business takes time and patience mixed with a ton of hard work. I started my business in 2012 but I did not start blogging until 2014. Now, after three years of blogging, I'm just beginning to see the fruits of my labor after so many years of commitment. I say all this to say, stay encouraged, and know that if you are an aspiring blogger or influencer, in time, your hard work will pay off. Continue to be you and you will attract like minded readers, followers and brands.

Shop The Look

Never heard of Charming Charlie? No worries because I'm about to give you the scoop. Charming Charlie has more than 350 stores in the US, and for my fellow Charlotteans, we have three in our city! Their stores are packed with affordable and trendy, clothes, shoes and accessories.

The store layout makes it so easy to shop because it is merchandised by color groups. I have to admit, while Mothers Day shopping in their store last week, I picked up a few things for myself. I purchased this cute floral Kimono, this detailed cross body bag, and these stud floral earrings. I had to literally stop myself from shopping because I knew if I came home with too much stuff, George was going to get me lol.

This new collaboration comes with an in-store shopping discount for my readers! Use coupon code 720000000246 for $10 off $60 or more from now until May 31st.



Statement Sleeves

Happy Tuesday!

This past weekend, I traveled to Atlanta to spend some time with close friends. Anytime I visit the Atlanta area, I always make a trip to Lennox mall to check out Zara; one of my favorite stores. During my shopping trip, I purchased this blouse and this cute pair of skinny jeans. Can we get a Zara in North Carolina please? 

When it comes to Spring trends, it's all about the sleeves being the star of the show! Statement sleeves add volume, drama and flare to any outfit. The statement sleeve trend includes belle sleeves, balloon sleeves, split sleeves and ruffle sleeves. When it comes to styling, this trend makes you look effortlessly stylish with minimal effort. You definately don't need to over accessorize, just add simple details to your outfit. I styled my blouse with fitted skinny jeans since the top had its own volume, the fitted bottoms balanced the proportions of the look. 

Have you tried statement sleeves yet?

Shop The Look

Shoes: Aldo

White Jeans: Zara (size 40) Runs small

Blouse: Zara (size S) Fits true to size

Handbag: Bornmajestic  

Denim Shirt Dress

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Denim Dress: H&M (shirt worn as dress in size 6)

Shoes: Aldo

Earrings: Bornmajestic

Handbag: Bornmajestic

Happy Monday! I hope that you had an amazing Easter weekend.

I've been on the hunt for a denim shirtdress for some time now, because it's such an effortless throw on and go #ootd option. Denim dresses are great casual wardrobe staples for Sunday brunch or a day full of errands. I've had the hardest time finding one, but this week I lucked out and scored this cute dress at H&M.  Believe it or not, because I'm short, my denim dress is actually a long denim button down shirt! Who said that being short doesn't come with perks? I often style tops or jackets as dresses if the length is appropriate. If you are not under 5'0 like me, don't fret, there are many jean dress options available for you. 

What I love most about denim in general, is it goes with everything. Denim truly gives you a blank canvas to accessories your look anyway you want. In the spirit of Spring, I chose to accessories my denim shirtdress with pink and blue accents. I'm also all about the tassel trend these days, so I threw on some tassel earrings and carried a tassel saddlebag. As for heels, I'm obsessed with these floral pumps because they are so Spring. When it comes to styling a denim dress, your options are limitless. You can clinch your waist by belting the dress, you can dress it down by wearing sneakers, and you can wear it actually as a shirt over jeans or leggings.

Have you tried the denim dress trend? If so, how are you styling your dress?

My 5 Favorite Origins Skincare Products

I've been a fan of Origins skincare for years. My oldest sister introduced me to their clear improvement mask during my teenage years because I suffered from cystic acne, and the clear improvement mask helped with clearing my clogged pores. As an adult, my skin is oily with post acne scaring, so treating it with the proper skincare is super important to me. 

This past weekend, I was invited to Origins #Myperfectworld event at the Southpark mall location in Charlotte. As an Influencer, they treated me to a facial using products from their zero oil collection. They introduced me to some new toners, moisturizers and mask that made my skin feel refreshed and hydrated without the greasy and oily feel. I left their store with some new purchases that I want to share with you. I just started integrating these new skincare products into my routine, and I am already noticing a difference! I've tested many skincare brands over time, and I can honestly say, after testing dozens of cleansers, toners and masks ,Origins has some of my favorite products. Here are my 5 top skincare products from the brand. 


Origins Drink up Intensive mask is a hydrating mask that you sleep in overnight. When I use this, I wake up with baby soft skin that is hydrated but not oily.

Origins Zero Oil Moisturizer is a lightweight, oil free hydrating moisturizer that I use day and night. 

Origins Zero Oil Toner is a skin clearing toner that I use after washing my face. I soak a cotton round and wipe it all over my face for a deep clean that clears my pores of any extra debris left over after cleansing.

Origins Out of Trouble Mask saves the day when your skin becomes troublesome with breakouts. I use it as an all over mask (as pictured) or as a spot treatment for unwelcomed pop ups.

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream is a miracle worker for bags and puffiness are the eye area. It's formulated with Coffee Beans, so it gives your eyes the much needed morning pick me up. 


Have you tried Origins products before? If so, share what products you use and love!

Crown & Ivy

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Dress: Crown and Ivy (wearing petite small)

Earrings: Bornmajestic

I love combining bold prints and bright colors, and this Crown & Ivy dress does just that! The Crown & Ivy line at Belk screams sunshine with it's bold colors, fun patterns and southern charm. When Belk sent me this dress, I could not wait to try it on! I immediately fell in love with the eye-catching print and the crochet trim detailing around the neckline and hemline. I checked out Belk.com to learn more about the collection and found that the Crown & Ivy line offers a variety of fashionable dresses, shirts, and cardigans, in a wide array of sizes offering both petite fit and plus size options. The line has a very high-end, resort wear feel, but it has a surprisingly affordable price point . If you shop their brand, you'll find fun colors, and styles that will be perfect for your Spring and Summer wardrobe. 



Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Belk. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Turning 30

Dress: Lavish Alice

This weekend, I will be celebrating a milestone birthday. I'm turning the big 3-0! I'm officially leaving my 20's and entering my 30's this Sunday, on February 26th. I honestly can't believe that I'm turning 30. I still feel like I'm 20, and my height makes me look like I’m 15, but my life experiences have truly reminded me that I have been on this earth for 30 years with all of its ups and downs.  So much has happened in my first 30 years of life. I've graduated from high school, finished college, lost a father, purchased a home, had a major surgery on my left knee, started a business, met Beyoncé in person twice (still pinching myself) and I got married to the love of my life.

I've identified a few things that I want to start doing, stop doing, and continue doing, in order to make my thirties my best years yet. I've made the commitment to myself to focus on the key areas below.



·      Finish the books that I start reading. I have the bad habit of half reading books and never completing them.

·      Taking time to wake up earlier and do daily mediation and journal before I start my day.

·      Saying no to things that will add stress to my life.



·      Being late to everything.

·      Worrying.

·      Procrastinating.

·      Snoozing in the mornings.



·      Traveling the world.

·      Working out at least 3 times a week.

·      Trying new recipes when cooking.

·      Being Optimistic.

·      Praying Daily.

·      Volunteering at church.


P.S. - Be on the lookout for some exciting new changes coming to Bornmajestic.com.  Expect to see a fresh new layout, and a new accessories and handbag collection soon! 





Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! My weekend was full of fun social events, and the weather was just perfect. One of the social events that I attended this weekend was a celebrattion for my girlfriend Brooke's 30th birthday. She asked for everyone who attended her party to wear all black attire. I selected this super cute, fringe, sweater dress to wear to her party because I wanted to look sexy and fun, but I also wanted to stay warm as the temperature dropped later in the evening. This dress kept me warm, and it also was form fitting and sexy with a front keyhole cutout. My favorite part of the dress was the fringe detailing at the hemline. Women can never have too many black dresses, and this sweater dress is a perfect Fall and Winter option to add to your collection. If you want to try out the fringe trend, no worries because fringe is here to stay, and will be very prevalent in clothing, handbags and shoes this Spring and Summer.

Dress: Five13Studio

Shoes: Sam Edelman

3 Reasons to Try Rollerball Fragrances

I love to try new fragrances, but I'm always afraid to commit to a full sized bottle. Thanks to Rollerball perfumes, I no longer have to commit to full sized bottles anymore. In the past, my desire for variety left me with many expensive fragrance bottles collecting dust in my bathroom drawer. I got tired of wasting money and wasting products, so I started to buy rollerballs; perfumes smaller counterpart. Rollerballs are my go-to now because they are travel friendly, budget friendly and they allow for easy touch ups on the go.


  1. Travel friendly: Have you ever had to throw away a very expensive bottle of perfume at the airport because it did not meet the TSA requirements? Not anymore. Rollerballs are portable, leak proof and travel friendly. For everyday use, I also love to keep them in my purse or gym bag.
  2. Budget Friendly: Most rollerballs cost between $20-$30 which is much cheaper than a full sized bottle of fragrance. I also love rollerballs to test out new fragrances to see how they blend with my body chemistry. I also consider rollerballs to be very budget friendly gifts. This is usually my go-to for birthday gifting.
  3. Touch up friendly: Fragrance scents tend to fade throughout the day, so keeping a rollerball handy allows you to have an easy application for a touch up. The roller applicator also allows for a very targeted application for your wrist, neck area and all of your pulse points.
Fragrance Shopping Tip: Sephora offers free fragrance sampling, so if you want to try before you buy, Sephora will grant you up to 3 samples with no purchase necessary.

I've rounded up some of my favorite rollerballs in the shopping links below.

5 Trends to Watch in 2017

Happy New Year!

I crafted a list of 5 trends to watch for 2017 so that you can be in the know on what styles are "in" and what styles are "out" for this new year.

1. 2017 Color of the Year: Pantone has declared that Greenery is the color of the year. Greenery is described as a refreshing and revitalizing shade that is symbolic of new beginnings. Pantone states that this green shade is natures new neutral. You'll see this vibrant, green shade making it's debut in fashion, beauty and decor trends all year.


2. Bell Sleeves: Everyone loves a little flare in their outfits, and this year, making a statement with your sleeves is the way to add drama to any outfit. You’ll see this trends featured on blouses, dresses and jackets this year. This dramatic, oversized sleeve will be an alternative to last years “off the shoulder” trend.

3. Mirrored: This reflective trend is making a major statement in accessories, especially sunglasses. This trend is also taking over the manicure world. Mirrored mani’s are replacing gel polish mani’s this year.

4. 80’s Vibes: Welcome back the nostalgia of denim jackets, mini skirts, and acid wash jeans. The 80’s trend is expected to be one of the biggest comebacks in 2017 for Women’s fashion.

5. Statement Graphic Tee’s: This is a trend that is carrying over from 2016 because we want our voices to be heard, and this allows your outfit to do the talking. Plus graphic tee’s have become such a staple for casual street style dressing. 

What style trends are you open to trying in 2017?

Date Night in Jamaica

Shop The Look

Top: Lavish Alice (wearing UK size 8)

Skirt: Lavish Alice (wearing UK size 10)

My husband George planned a getaway trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. We stayed at Hyatt Zilara, an adult all inclusive resort. The resort had amazing food, hospitable service, and modern accommodations. I literally wanted to miss my flight and just stay there forever.

During our trip, we made the commitment to rest, reconnect and recharge because our Newlywed phase has not been an easy road. During the first 90 days of our marriage, we found out that George was faced with some major health challenges that led to a life altering surgery this January. He dealt with many hard months of post surgery recovery, and right when we thought we were headed towards easier times, we found out that the same health challenges that he dealt with before, have now resurfaced, and we are facing them again. On top of all of the health related matters, we both have work responsibilities, business responsibilities and the responsibility of keeping our relationship healthy. With all of these factors, prioritizing our relationship, keeping God at the center of our relationship and being intentional with our time has been integral in keeping us strong.

While in Jamaica, we spent our days at the beach relaxing, and spent our evenings bonding as a couple on date nights.  Dating is such an important part of marriage. Don't get it twisted and think that just because you are married, the dating should stop. I'm all about romance and I'm a firm believer in the value of dressing up, getting cute and enjoying a romantic moment with your significant other. Quality time to reconnect over dinner with no cell phone, and no interruptions is vital to staying connected and growing together and not apart.

I purchased this cute two piece from Lavish Alice to wear to dinner on one of our date nights in Jamaica. I felt like a local island girl with this look, especially with my faux locs. The ribbed fabric was lightweight, soft and fitted. The belted waist tie synched my waste and slimmed my hips. The choker and dramatic sleeves completed the look with a stylish touch. This two piece would also be perfect for a NYE or Holiday party look.

Remember that life is too short to not live, love those around you, and look good while doing it!

*Snapchat Image from our Date night in Jamaica. Be sure to follow my stories on Snapchat at @Bornmajestic.

*Snapchat Image from our Date night in Jamaica. Be sure to follow my stories on Snapchat at @Bornmajestic.



Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 picks for the Fashionista 

Christmas is right around the corner, and if your like me, you probably still have shopping to do. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to spend searching for the perfect Christmas gift.  If you’re in a bind and need a gift that’s both thoughtful and stylish, I've rounded up my top 10 picks for gift options for any fashionista in your life, or even gifts for yourself! All of the items featured on my gift guide come with shoppable links below so that you can click, order online and be done. Happy Shopping!


  1. ALICE + OLIVIA STACEY FACE LONG WALLET , $295 This purse has so much personality.
  2. STILA STAY ALL DAY LIQUID LIPSTICK in Beso, $24 This lip stain stays on all day without drying out the lips.

  3. CLASSIC GREY MARBLE IPHONE CASE, $40, Makes any cellphone stylish.

  4. S'WELL WHITE GOLD WATER BOTTLE/17 OZ., $42, I take this everywhere with me and it keeps my water cold.

  5. MISS SELFRIDGE METALLIC PLEATED MIDI SKIRT, $63 , This metallic skirt is so perfect for the holidays.

  6. BALMAIN DOUBLE-BREASTED WOOL AND CASHMERE-BLEND COAT, $3,382, This is a luxe splurge thats worth the investment.

  7. KATE SPADE NEW YORK MEDIUM 17-MONTH AGENDA, $30, Plan a stylish 2017.

  8. GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD TINGLEXFOLIATE TREATMENT, $69, Pimples and dull skin don't stand a chance against this powerful mud mask.

  9. KATE SPADE GOLD STRIPE THERMAL MUG, $18, Cute way to sip that pumpkin spice latte.

  10. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN LEATHER PUMPS, $1,195 These boots are a fashionistas dream.

Shop this Gift Guide!

Fall Shirt Dress

This shirtdress is a great throw on and go option for those days when you want to dress comfortably chic. The loose, drapey fabric has a flattering fit, and the burgundy check pattern is perfect for Fall. Pair it with knee high boots or ankle boots for a cute, casual look. You can even re-invent this look by wearing this over jeans or leggings for a layered versatile style.

I spend countless hours researching and writing about fashion and beauty trends. At times, you'll notice that I may integrate marriage, lifestyle and faith topics into my blog when I feel that it will be helpful to my readers. I grew up in a Christian household, and as a Pastors kid, I sometimes get the nudge to spread some words of faith and encouragement. I'm feeling the nudge, so here we go!

Life has been very challenging for me lately, and I've been in a mood where I just want to stay in bed and not deal with all that life is throwing my way. When things get tough, we have to build each other up because life does not allow us a "Stay in bed day and stay in your sorrows day". When times get like this, we have to pray more, read God's word and ask God for strength to push through. In the midst of my challenging times, I often remind myself of all of the difficult days that I've had in the past and reflect on how God has helped me get through each and every situation. Everything that I've experienced in the past that I thought I'd never get through, I got through. This encourages me when I'm in the middle of a circumstance that is bigger than me, so I wanted to encourage you for whatever situation you are facing that may seem overwhelming and scary. Be encouraged and remember that whatever you are going through, you will get through.

Classic Trench Coat

Shop This Look!

Trench: C/O Banana Republic (On sale)

Earrings: C/O Banana Republic

Sunglasses: C/O Banana Republic

Jeans: Zara

Pumps: Aldo


Happy First Day of November!

A classic trench coat is a wardrobe staple that every woman should have in her outerwear collection. Trenches have been on trend for decades, and they are not going out of style any time soon. They come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, but when I think of a classic trench, I think of a beige, belted style with tailored features. I've been on the hunt for a classic trench coat that is versatile enough for me to dress up for work and dress down on the weekends. I was thrilled to find that Banana Republic had exactly what I was looking for! Banana had the cutest cropped, classic beige, trench coat that I found a few weeks ago in their petites section. Good news is now this style is available online and in stores, and it's currently on sale!

One of the most important shopping tips for buying a trench coat is to ensure you get the right fit. I'm so little, I can easily drown in a big jacket, so I love that Banana Republic offers a petite collection that comes with a shorter hemline and tailored sleeves for my shorter body frame. 

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Banana Republic, but all opinions are my own.

Suede Trench Coat


Suede is back on the scene! Nude colors and 70's vibes are are in full effect this Fall. My favorite Fall nude color is warm chestnut. I'm absolutely obsessed with this color. My husband George reminded me that I already had a dress in this color, but trust me, I still made room in my closet for more! I integrated this hue into my wardrobe by adding in a sophisticated suede trench coat from ShopLucyStone.com. It is perfect for almost any occasion, whether it be work or play. This coat emphasizes my curves by going in at the waist with a tie. I styled my side trench over distressed jeans and paired it with a hat, but since the length is long, you could also wear the trench alone as a dress and turn heads.

I have a feeling that I'm going to be living in different trench coats all Fall/Winter. I can't wait to share more looks with you soon!


Shop The Look