How to Run a Successful Blog While Working a 9 to 5


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Many people think that Blogging is my full-time gig, which I take as a compliment. I feel like people see the quality of my content & see my commitment to Bornmajestic and just assume that I do it full-time. The reality is, i’m a wife, blogger, e-boutique owner, and on top of that, I have a full time job as a employee relations manager. Any free second that I have outside of work, I dedicate to family time, brand building, hosting events, & creating content. You may be wondering, how in the heck I have time to do it all. Juggling all of my responsibilities is not easy, and it comes with its good days and long days. Instagram will fool you into thinking that I have tons of free time, but in order for me to produce the content that you see, it takes strategy and commitment before work, after work and on weekends. I wanted to share this post to encourage those who have full-time jobs and also have a passion to create content. Many people think that if you work full time, you won’t have enough time to consistently create content. I’m here to tell you that you can absolutely do both! It is possible to monetize your content and be consistent while working a full-time job. Hopefully this post will help remove all of your doubt and encourage you to keep pushing. Some people love their jobs and have no plans to leave, and some people are working towards leaving their jobs to pursue blogging full-time, and the tips that I’m sharing will help you regardless of your desired path. Here are some strategies to build a brand, while working a 9 to 5.

Dedicate Time Blocks for Content Creation

Most jobs require that you work a set schedule during or come to work during office hours. I treat my content creation time like office hours, scheduling clear timeframes for dedicated task. We all know that blogging requires much more than just writing, so blocking off time for photoshoots, social media, events, and posting is key. For example, I block off blogging hours on each weeknight, and I also work on my business on Saturdays. I try to keep Sunday off limits so that I can recharge whenever possible, but some Sundays I still work on my business. During my office hours, I have a clear agenda for each business day. Sometimes, the agenda may focused on writing blog verbiage. Another day, the agenda may be event planning for an upcoming workshop or conference. During office hours, I make it clear to others that I am unavailable so that others can take this timeframe seriously and limit distractions. For example, during my business hours, George respects it and lets me focus. During my business hours, my social media is silenced, and I’m giving it my all. How do you consistently produce content if you don’t block off time to create the content? What times works best for your content creation? Are you more focused in the mornings or at night? Can you create content on your lunch hour?

 Create a Content Calendar

Now that you know how to make block off time for creating content, you actually need to organize all of your content ideas and plan out when you want to post them. Do you know what days you are posting, blogging and sharing this week, or better yet, this month? This concept is called creating a content calendar. For example, right now, I am planning my Holiday content for December mapping out if I want to do a gift guide, a beauty post, a fashion post, a lifestyle post, etc. I am planning out videos, blogs, and social media post for December thinking a month ahead. If you are at the point where you are getting sponsored post, use your content calendar to manage your post deadlines and plan to integrate organic content in or around that timeframe so your feed and site feels authentic. Don’t overthink content calendars because they come in many forms such as handwritten, electronic, spreadsheets or whatever works for you.

 Make Coins While You Work

Explore ways to monetize your blog and social media so that you can make coin while you are at work, while you are sleep, and while you are living your life. Things like affiliate links, courses, e-books and events allow you to monetize the brand you’ve been working so hard on and bring in additional revenue outside of your 9 to 5. For example, apps like allows me to earn commissions when I share product links on my Instagram and blog. (Shameless plug, follow me on the app, screename “Bornmajestic”). Apps like Amazon, Rewardstyle and ShopStyle reward bloggers with commissions for sharing the merchants product links. Research what platforms work best for you and get started!

Learn to say No

Because you only have 24 hours in your day to conquer work, family, fitness, eating, sleeping and blogging, you won’t be able to say “Yes” to everything. There will be many times that you have to say “No” to things to maintain your balance. You will have to learn to communicate “No” to social things and even sometimes, blogger things. For example, in seasons where I am already committed to a ton of blogger collaborations, work responsibilities and personal commitments, I just can’t be everything to everybody and I often have to decline or postpone certain opportunities. I learned this this strategy earlier this year when I wrote this post.

In recent months, I’ve been much better at No. I’ve learned that sometimes saying No to someone else is saying Yes to your wellness, your brand, and you making the best use of your time.

Invest In Your Brand

At your full-time job, I’m sure your company invested in training you to ensure that you were prepared to do your role. With your blog & brand, you need training too! As bloggers, we have to write clearly, pose perfectly, be creative, market strategically, and honestly, no one knows it all when they are just getting started. Invest in educational experiences such as conferences, workshops, consultations, courses, books and webinars. Learn from those who are excelling at what you are trying to do which will save you time and a ton of mistakes.

Invest in how your brand looks & feels. When was the last time you updated your website? Do you have a business card? Do you have a strong headshot? Do you have a media kit? Do you know your rates for collaborations? Invest in working in and on your brand at all times.

 Batch Process

Create systems that allow you to maximize your time. Batch shoot your photos shooting more than one campaign at a time whenever possible. For example, at my last photoshoot, I shot my Christmas card image with George, then shot 4 outfits so that I could have images to support my December content. If you can’t afford a photographer, ask a friend who has a camera to shoot you. If you know a photographer starting off, try to negotiate. I did not have a professional camera my first 3 years of blogging, so I was asking friends, asking George and hiring professionals.

Take Time Off

Sometimes you have to make the decision to choose your blog over work. There have been times when I’ve had to take vacation days or personal days if I really needed more dedicated time for my business to attend an important event or to complete important content. To me, using my time off for my brand is just as valuable as me using time off for a getaway.

Also, pay attention to your body and know when enough is enough and when its time to take an actual break to recharge. Schedule true off days where you are not blogging or working so that you can fully reset and avoid burnout. I have started planning self-care days where I get a facial, sleep in, get a massage, and take a bath so that I feel balanced and refreshed.

Understand That It Takes Time To Be Successful

Be patient with yourself and understand that it takes time to grow an authentic following on your blog and social media. Looking back to 2013, I had 1K folllowers on the Gram, and now, I have 26k. That’s a 5 year time period and it was not a quick and easy fix because I played the slow, steady and consistent game. Will it get frustrating at times? YES. Will it pay off in the end, YES!

When I started blogging, I was working for free, then I started getting free product, then I started making two figures, then three figures, now four figures. It’s a journey!


The Takeaway

While working full time, I’ve successfully grown my personal brand to earn 4 figures monthly through partnerships, sponsored post, product sales, events and affiliate commissions. I bust my butt and give it my all and it pays off for me. With strategy and dedication, I believe that it will pay off for you too! If you have questions, please feel free to comment below.

You can also schedule time to connect with me by way of a one on one consultation.


What strategy will you start implementing today?