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"In the U.S., about one in three women say they wear only one perfume" says Arnaud Montet, the global director of consumer science at International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF).

 When selecting fragrances, the ultimate goal is to build a personal collection of scents that work well with your body chemistry. I do not consider myself a fragrance enthusiast, so initially the thought of building a fragrance wardrobe (insider term for fragrance collection) seemed daunting. Then, I started to approach the idea of building a fragrance wardrobe just like building a clothing wardrobe. I don't wear the same outfit everyday, so why should I wear the same scent everyday.

It took me some time, but after alot of trial and error, i've finally settled on a wardrobe of 5 romantic fragrances that I LOVE. I get migraines often, so I tend to shy away from stronger fragrances, but my current wardrobe is full of soft and femenine smells including vanilla, citrus and floral notes that are subtle and not overbearing. As you go through the process of exploring new fragrances, keep in mind to trust your nose and your heart. Scent selection is a very personal thing, so don't rely solely on reviews and best seller lists. Also remember you can always try fragrances before you commit to a purchase. My advice is to test out a sample or a rollerball to see how the scents pairs with your body chemistry before investing in a large bottle. Retailers like Sephora offer free samples of any fragrance offered in their inventory, so try before you buy.

 Since Valentines day is just around the corner, i wanted to share my 5 Favorite Romantic Fragrances:


Comptoir sud pacifique Vanille Apricot

Clean Warm Cotton

Pink Sugar

LaVanilla Fresh Lemon

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