3 Lessons Learned after 3 Years of Marriage


Today marks our 3rd wedding anniversary! As each year passes, George and I continue to evolve and grow. I wanted to celebrate our anniversary by sharing 3 lessons learned after being married for 3 years.

  1. Support Each Others Dreams: I was blessed to marry someone with drive and ambition just like me. George is a Full-time entrepreneur and runs Makes Cents 2 Me and Melanin Money . Having two bosses in one household seems like a winning combination, but it comes with it’s own set of challenges. We are both so busy, so we have to make an effort to prioritize not only our own passions, but each other’s passions. I’m not gonna lie, we both have events and numerous business commitments, and at times, it can be a lot to keep up with, but we’ve made commitments to each other and not keeping up is unacceptable. There have been times when I’ve dropped the ball and not listened to one of George’s podcast and there’s been times when George may not be caught up on my blogs, but when we get behind, we acknowledge it to ensure the other always feels loved and supported. We work hard at staying engaged with each other because we don’t want to show a lack of interest in each other’s dreams. Being supportive of each other’s dreams is super important both publicly and privately. At home, we have weekly discussions to share updates on what we are working on, and share the challenges that we are facing. We constantly advise each other on business strategies and offer suggestions where we see fit. Marriage is about growing together, and we’re constantly working on growing as a unit. We are working on building an empire together built on supporting and loving each other.

  2.  Trade Places: In our household, we split domestic task 50/50 where I have certain responsibilities and George has certain responsibilities. We are both equally busy and agree that it would not be fair to rely on one person for all of the domestic duties. I do the cooking and grocery shopping then George does the dishes. I wash the clothes, then George folds. George manages the money, I spend the money (lol). We’ve noticed that at times, we can get familiar and take each others contributions for granted.  We traded task recently where one day George did the grocery shopping, and I had completed some of the household finances. We both hated the swap which refreshed our appreciation for what the other contributes to the household.

  3.  Do a Love Language Check-In: In marriage, we have to do routine check-ins multiple times a year. As adults, our desires and wants change over time, and if you are still loving your spouse the same way you did three years ago, you could not be fulfilling all of their current needs. Our favorite way to keep tabs on our current needs is by constantly evaluating our Love Languages. If you and your significant other have not taken this assessment, you should. George swears that I have all 5 love languages and want to be loved in every way possible (lol).

Overall, I have truly enjoyed being married to the love of my life for 3 years, and I’m always open to sharing tips as we navigate what works and does not work for our relationship. I hope you enjoy this post! Please feel free to share comments below.


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