5 Lessons Learned In My First 5 Months Of Marriage


Lesson 1: The "Newlywed" season is not always fun. This was a rude awakening for me as life threw George and I a very tough challenge early on in our marriage. I expected to be in a "honeymoon" phase for at least our first year. After one month of being married, my husband was faced with a major health challenge that resulted in multiple hospital stays, numerous medical tests and surgerical procedures. Our vows were put to the test immediately. Who knew that we'd be faced with the test of loving someone through sickness and health so early on. I entered our marriage with the expectation that we would probably have some challenges to overcome later in life, maybe after 30 years of marriage, not after 30 days. Through it all, even though the season was challenging, we've become closer than ever. My strength was tested as a caregiver and his physical strength was tested after being blindsided with new health challenges. This season is still ongoing, and we've learned to love each other through it all and depend on God for his strength. 

Lesson 2: Our family unit comes first. God is first in our lives, and after that, we put each other first. Work, family, friends and hobbies all come second to making our marriage a priority.

Lesson 3: The money talks are necessary. Money is one of the leading cause of divorce. George and I have agreed on a financial plan and budget that we stick to monthly. Being responsible with money is hard for me at times because I love to shop and eat out. Thank God I married a financial advisor to keep us on track!

Lesson 4: We give love and receive love differently. The 5 love languages book taught me that George and I prefer to receive love in different ways. I feel loved when he engages in meaningful moments with me.  I'm also a touchy feely person that desires physical touch all the time. George feels most loved through acts of service.  If I choose to only love him in the way that I want to be loved, and I ignore his love language, we get nowhere.

Lesson 5: Communicate and discuss everything. We have conversations daily about our plans, dreams, feelings, family, and frustrations. This leaves no room for miscommunication. I've learned to not assume things and to just ask. Not all coversations are going to be fun, but they are necessary. Great communication helps us understand each other better and provides clarity.

What are some of the marriage lessons that you've learned ?