As Seasons Change


Happy Thursday!

Progress is impossible without change. Just as the seasons change, we have to constantly push ourselves to change and make personal adjustments to better our lives. I have learned that I have to take personal responsibility for what I can control. I have absolutely no control over the seasons changing or my circumstances, but I am in full control of myself.

During Fall months, I make changes to my wardrobe by adding in layers, jackets, hats and cardigans to ensure that I am bundled up and warm. Just as I prepare to stay warm on the external, I have to prepare to be my best self internally.  I have a few bad habits that I've identified that I don't want to carry into the new year. If I don't start making adjustments now in this season, nothing will be different for me as I transition into 2017. I refuse to enter my 30's with bad habits from my 20's. I have challenged myself in this season to focus on a few changes. 

  1. Being Timely: I have the bad habit of running late, nothing egregious, usually about 10 - 15 minutes or so, but still, I can do better. 
  2. Procrastination: I am the master of putting something off because "I don't feel like it". I am committing to scheduling out task and getting it done instead of putting it off for tomorrow.
  3. Having Positive Thoughts: I worry about EVERYTHING and cause myself major anxiety and stress over things that are mostly out of my control. Im shifting to trusting God in my situations and letting go.
  4. Helping Others: I have always had a giving heart, but I am pushing myself to do more. If someone crosses my mind, instead of just sending a text, I am sending handwritten notes and gifts to be a blessing to others.
  5. Exercise: As the weather gets colder, it gets harder and harder to work out. I am keeping my eyes on the prize. My husband surprised me with a Jamaica trip scheduled for December, also I have to keep it tight for my bikini.

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." - Maya Angelou

What are you striving to change this season?


Shop The Look

This color-blocked cardigan from Zara is one of my new favorite pieces for Fall. It's cozy, lightweight and super comfortable. This cardigan was a perfect transition piece to integrate into my wardrobe as the weather cools, because it's not yet cold enough for a coat, but its also too cool to not have on layers. I styled my look with a black wool hat, black camisole, black skinny jeans and leopard pumps to spice it up.