3 Benefits of B 12 Injections


I visit Urban Skin Solutions Medspa once a month for facials, and most people are familiar with their amazing skincare services and Urban Skin RX skincare line, but in addition to facial services, the Medspa offers weightloss support programs. This month, I tried something new and got a B 12 injection for the first time. Since it was my first time, I asked tons of questions so I could get the scoop on all the benefits of this injection. I walked away from my consultation learning all about the three benefits of the B 12 injection, and I wanted to share the details with you.

3 Benefits of the B 12 Injection

  1. Supports Metabolism

  2. Improves Mood

  3. Boost Energy

Combined with a healthy diet, the B 12 Vitamin injection is known to offer benefits helping people achieve their weight loss goals by aiding in the breakdown of fat and protein as well as converting sugar into energy. At Urban Skin Solutions, they enhance their B 12 injections with a Vitamin B1 and B6 booster which accelerates the body’s ability to process carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The B1 and B6 booster helps aid in the manufacturing of serotonin, a natural feel-good chemical within our brain. So by now, I’m sure your willing to give it a try, but I’m also sure that you are wondering if this shot hurts. I know I’d want to know that (lol). To me, it felt subtle and quick like any other shot. It was less painful than my flu shot, so I wouldn’t mind getting it again, especially now that I have full knowledge of all of the benefits.

Would you try the B12 Injection?