Trend To Try: Catsuit


The term "catsuit" is the modern day phrase we use for unitards, because lets face it.....unitard is not the coolest name. A unitard is a skintight, one-piece garment that combines the concept of a leotard and leggings all in one. Catsuits are similar to bodysuits and can be viewed as a layering basic. This wardrobe essential is perfect for serving as the foundation of any great outfit, not only because its cute, but its so comfortable.

Now that you know what a catsuit is, you may be wondering how to wear it!  Catsuits have a bodycon fit, so the first style advise I can give, is to wear it with confidence. I'm petite with curves and still rocked my catsuit with my head held high. Catsuits can be worn alone for a sexier look or can be worn to replace basics such as camisoles or leggings with a layered look. It’s like the perfect all-in-one combo to wear under almost anything.  You can style it with a leather jacket, cardigan, bomber jacket, or wear it under a dress. This is definitely a trend to try!


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Catsuit: LucyStone

Cardigan: H&M

Boots: C/O Vestique

Makeup & Photography by Contourkissed

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