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Top: Lavish Alice (wearing UK size 8)

Skirt: Lavish Alice (wearing UK size 10)

My husband George planned a getaway trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica. We stayed at Hyatt Zilara, an adult all inclusive resort. The resort had amazing food, hospitable service, and modern accommodations. I literally wanted to miss my flight and just stay there forever.

During our trip, we made the commitment to rest, reconnect and recharge because our Newlywed phase has not been an easy road. During the first 90 days of our marriage, we found out that George was faced with some major health challenges that led to a life altering surgery this January. He dealt with many hard months of post surgery recovery, and right when we thought we were headed towards easier times, we found out that the same health challenges that he dealt with before, have now resurfaced, and we are facing them again. On top of all of the health related matters, we both have work responsibilities, business responsibilities and the responsibility of keeping our relationship healthy. With all of these factors, prioritizing our relationship, keeping God at the center of our relationship and being intentional with our time has been integral in keeping us strong.

While in Jamaica, we spent our days at the beach relaxing, and spent our evenings bonding as a couple on date nights.  Dating is such an important part of marriage. Don't get it twisted and think that just because you are married, the dating should stop. I'm all about romance and I'm a firm believer in the value of dressing up, getting cute and enjoying a romantic moment with your significant other. Quality time to reconnect over dinner with no cell phone, and no interruptions is vital to staying connected and growing together and not apart.

I purchased this cute two piece from Lavish Alice to wear to dinner on one of our date nights in Jamaica. I felt like a local island girl with this look, especially with my faux locs. The ribbed fabric was lightweight, soft and fitted. The belted waist tie synched my waste and slimmed my hips. The choker and dramatic sleeves completed the look with a stylish touch. This two piece would also be perfect for a NYE or Holiday party look.

Remember that life is too short to not live, love those around you, and look good while doing it!

*Snapchat Image from our Date night in Jamaica. Be sure to follow my stories on Snapchat at  @Bornmajestic.

*Snapchat Image from our Date night in Jamaica. Be sure to follow my stories on Snapchat at @Bornmajestic.



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