3 Skincare Tips for Diverse Skin Tones: Exclusive Interview w/ Rachel Roff


Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with Rachel Roff, Founder of Urban Skin Solutions Medspa and Urban Skin Rx for an exclusive interview. Rachel is a licensed medical aesthetician and certified laser technician who specializes in skincare treatments for diverse skintones. During our conversation, Rachel dropped some skincare gems that I wanted to share with you. Take notes and start implementing these 3 Skincare tips right away!

1.       Use Sunblock Daily as your complexion protection: Everyone should be using a broad spectrum SPF 25 or higher on a daily basis. Sun exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer, early signs of aging, enlarged pores, and dark spots. Indoor and artificial light can also damage skin, so use sunblock daily for protection.

2.       If you have hyperpigmentation or dark marks, identify the underlying cause: Are your dark marks coming from ingrown hairs, acne, etc? Identify the root cause of where the hyperpigmentation is coming from so that you can treat the root cause as well as the discoloration.

3.       Don’t be scared to try clinical services: There are clinical services that are safe for deeper skintones, just make sure you go to a skincare expert that is experienced in treating diverse skin. For laser services, ask for the Yag laser which is safe on darker skin tones.

Interested in visiting Rachel’s Medspa & Laser Center in Charlotte, NC? Visit urbanskinsolutons.com for more information.

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