My First Experience with Laser Hair Removal at Urban Skin Solutions


My Laser Hair Story

I’ve always wanted to try Laser Hair Removal. The thought of not having to shave again really excited me, but I’ve honestly been too scared to try it until now. I had so many questions and concerns not knowing what to expect from Laser Treatment, so I scheduled a consultation at Urban Skin Solutions and they took great care of me. Urban Skin Solutions has a team of trained laser experts that are experienced with working with diverse skin tones, so I knew I was in good hands. During my consultation, I asked 100 questions, and they walked me through every step which I share with you on the video below.

Lasting Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a process that follows a series of six to eight treatment sessions focusing on permanent hair reduction. At Urban Skin Solutions, they use FDA-approved Gentle Yag lasers and Cutera Coolglide lasers which are effective tools to remove unwanted hair from all skin tones. During each session, the laser targets your hair and heats the follicles so that they die and do not continue to grow hair.

Pro Tip: Darker hair reacts better to the treatment since the laser targets hair by pigment. This treatment is ineffective on white, gray or blond hair.

How to Prep Before Treatment

If you are interested in getting Laser Hair Removal, here are some pre-care tips:

  • Shaving before treatment is fine, but no plucking or waxing 7-10 days before.

  • Arrive to the appointment with a cleanly shaved area, even the fine baby hairs.

  • The area must be squeaky clean, so hold off on spf, oils, and moisturizers.

  • Some medications like Antibiotics & Accutane may case increase sensitivity, so mention it during your consultation so you can be advised on treatment timing.


What to Expect During & Post Treatment

The procedure itself is relatively pain free, with moments of slight discomfort. The cool fan and cool gel applied made the treatment manageable to the point where after talking for a few minutes, it was all over. During my session, I found one underarm to be more sensitive than the other, which my laser expert said was completely normal. It was like one armpit did not feel anything but the cool air, and the other armpit was like, oh something is happening here (lol). After my session, I was advised to avoid direct sunlight, saunas and other activities that could irritate the treatment area for a period of time. I had no irritations or soreness afterwards, but I was advised that mild soreness could be normal post treatment. I was able to apply deodorant afterwards and go on with business as usual. Since my first treatment, I’ve already noticed less hair growth and thinner hairs.


Treatment Timing

Face Treatments should be spaced out to every 4-6 weeks.

Arms, Underarms, Midsection and Bikini area should be spaced out 6-8 weeks between treatments.

Legs should be spaced out to 8-10 weeks between treatments.

*Your treatment timing can vary based on your active hair growth.

If you live in Charlotte and are considering laser hair removal, check out Urban Skin Solutions or call 704-936-0696 to schedule a consultation with a certified laser technician.

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Urban Skin Solutions, but all opinions are my own. #Urbanambassador