Get To Know Me: 15 Fun Facts


Hey Y’all 👋🏾!!! I wanted to share 15 fun facts about myself so that you can know who I really am beyond pictures!

1. 👸🏾 My real name is Majesty.

2. 📍Born in Durham, NC but I grew up in Oxford & Creedmoor NC.

3. ✝️ I’m a Pastors kid, child of Bishop Mack & Brenda Timberlake.

4. ♓️ I’m 32, My Bday is 2/26, I’m a Pisces.

5. 🤙🏾I attended UNC-Charlotte where I obtained my Bachelors in Communications #goniners


6. 🎯 My first job was with Target...I was an Executive Team Leader of Human Resources. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work for cool companies like BofA & Sephora to name a few.

7. I met the love of my life George In 2011, and we got married in 2015.

8. 🛍I Started Bornmajestic E-boutique in 2012 & stopped it in 2019 to focus on Bornmajestic events.

9. 👩🏾‍💻I started influencing in 2013.

10. 💻 I started #bloggerbootcampclt in 2016 which is a workshop created to help new bloggers kickstart with strategy, tools & resources.


11. 🔥 I started my own creators conference @igniteyourinfluence in 2018 which is an annual event created to inspire & empower women in the creative space.

12. 🍳 Favorite TV channel: Food network, I could watch Chopped all day.

13. 🍝Favorite food: Pasta.

14. 🎥 Currently hate: Scary movies

15. 🎤Hidden talent: I can sing a lil bit.