The Reasons I Love Handwritten Notes


As a millennial, I often communicate through text messaging, emailing or posting a comment on social media. These methods of communication are quick and convenient, requiring very little time or thought. Although I'm a fan of sending messages electronically, sometimes, the gesture of taking time to write out a message comes off more personal and thoughtful. Call me old fashion, but in my opinion, handwritten notes will always be ladylike, stylish and timeless. With so many stationary options available, custom notecards are a cute and creative way to showcase your personal style and taste. When I see pretty stationary collections, I often purchase them right away, even if there is no immediate need, because there will always be a time to utilize them later. I've built up a collection of cards with cute designs to send out for gratitude, congrats or just thinking of you moments. I don't know about you, but my calendar these days has been booked with bridal showers, weddings and birthdays, so having cards in stock comes in handy.

I truly value handwritten notes and cards. Since I was a kid, I have kept every note, letter and birthday card that was given to me tucked away in a keepsafe box. I lost many of these notes when my family's house burnt down in 2012, but to this date, every note that I received after this incident, I have kept as keepsakes. Some of the most informal notes have been my favorite. For example, my husband George often writes me sweet messages on post it notes, and I've kept every one.

So you may ask, why is a handwritten note so important? In a digital world, discovering a hand-written note is such a refreshing surprise; especially in the mail, because most people only get bills or mailers. Think of it as a simple act of kindness that goes a long way.

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