I Like My Coffee Black

Visit  www.tatianacamice.com and use promo code: Majestic for 15% off your order.

 I drink coffee and tea on the daily, so having a collection of cute coffee mugs is a must for me. I usually start my day with a vanilla, almond milk latte. Midday, I'll usually have a matcha green tea latte. At night, I try to wind down by ending my day with a non-caffeinated mint tea. Over the past few years, I've built a stylish collection of coffee mugs that I'm very proud of, and I must say that my new BLACK mug featuring watercolor art by artist Tatiana Camice is one of my favorites! Tatiana's illustrations are so full of life and #blackgirlmagic.  Her work can be purchased through her collection ranging from coffee mugs to portraits.

Tatiana wanted to show my readers some love by offering a discount! 

Visit  www.tatianacamice.com and use promo code: Majestic for 15% off your order.








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