My Season of NO

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Let's sit down and have a real heart to heart chat. This post is not about my outfit, its actually about me. Have you ever experienced burnout? Im ALL THE WAY there. I'm in a season where i've said nothing but YES to business opportunities, Yes to personal favors, and Yes to social activities and I've officially reached the point of burnout and have to say NO. It's hard for me to even admit it because I'm so ambitious, and in some ways, it feels like I'm failing if I don't always go hard in hustle mode. What I'm slowly starting to realize is that I need my body to be in good health in order for me to see my dreams come into fruition. I always want to feel like I'm superwoman with no limits, but my body is human, and my body lately has been telling me to stop, and I've been ignoring it. My body has literally been showing me physical signs that I'm doing too much and I've reached a point where I need to reset and recharge. As I type this blog, my body has literally broken out in hives, which for me is a physical sign that I need to make adjustments. I've placed a higher value on my commitment to others and my commitment to my brand over my commitment to take care of my body and that has to change.

I've made the decision to shift my focus to self-care this Summer, and instead of me doing multiple events for my brand like I always do, I'm going to focus on just one major event that I'm truly passionate about and use the rest of my time to focus on me. This will be a huge adjustment but its all worth it so I don't overextend myself. The next big event that you will see from me will be on July 21st. I'm excited to share that I'm hosting my very first empowerment conference for up and coming bloggers called Ignite Your Influence. The conference will be jammed packed with amazing Industry leaders who are going to pour into ladies who are passionate about tapping into their influence and growing their platforms. But until July 21st, I'm committing to a shift to take better care of myself. You will see less blog post and see a shift in my social media engagement, but I'm a woman of my word, so you will still see me participate in a few events that I've already committed to and you'll see me collaborate with brands in which I've already locked in committed campaigns. But, any request on that "New New" will get a "No No". I'm not gonna lie.....this adjustment will be hard for me, but I'm asking for your love and support along the way. Please send prayers up and please have patience and understanding while I pull back in order to bounce back and be my best self.

This post is my official start of transitioning from a season of hustle to a season of self-care. My prayer is to come out of this season feeling refreshed to be the best me, best wife, best sister, best daughter, and best content creator for you.