Travel Diary: Blue Ridge Mountains

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Top: H&M

Shorts: One above Another

Slides: River Island

This weekend, I celebrated my good friend Omar's 30th birthday in the Blue Ridge Mountains located in Mineral Bluff, Georgia. This birthday getaway was coachella themed, or as Omar called it, #Ochella themed! It was such a fun vacay weekend for myself, my husband George and some good friends. We stayed in a gorgeous 3-story lodge that had the most breathtaking views. We cooked smores over a firepit, played pool volleyball, did outdoor activities, and laughed all weekend.

During this trip, I conquered a huge fear; I went white water rafting! We planned to go as a group, and I almost talked myself out of going because of fear! I was sooooo scared to try it because I can't swim, and I feared getting thrown out of the raft and drowning (dramatic ending right?). Guess what? Thanks to my life vest, I survived the experience and had a blast. Facing this fear taught me a mini life lesson. In life, we often fear horrible outcomes, and 99% of the time, the dreaded outcome that we fear never happens. Facing this fear freed me and allowed me to enjoy the experience.  

Have you ever missed out on any experiences in life because of fear?


My favorite part of the trip, was the coachella fashion theme. If you are familiar with coachella style also known as "festival wear", you know the trend is all about flower crowns, crop tops, fringe, distressed denim and casual comfort. I incorporated blinged out pearls into my coachella themed look. I ordered my pearl detailed shorts and slides from ASOS, and I'm so in love with the completed look.

Bonus: White Water Rafting Pic.